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Artist Bio
Jeetander Ojha has completed his BFA and MFA (Sculpture) from the reputed Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda. His significant group shows include "Bird Project" group show at Akaar, Baroda (2016); "Inbox" conceptualized by George Martin P J, organize by Shrishti Art Gallery at Hill Fort Palace, Hyderabad (2015); "Open Studio" Group show at Alliance Francaise, New Delhi (2015); and "Contemporary Indian and Islamic Art", at Doha, Qatar by Nitanjali Art Gallery, New Delhi (2014).
Artist Statement
My work is based on human relations and the experiences of urban life. I have realized that in our house each and every space carries its own individual world. When we enter each room we feel different because every room has its own history and story. I always attempt to search, what happens inside the window, for me every space tells its own story by itself. I found that most people like me are curious to peep inside others window.... to watch what is happening in there, sometimes we find interesting incidents and sometimes emptiness for the sake of our busy life. The colonial architecture I have made shows how the western influence comes in our culture and gets mixed. In the interior of the house, I have tried to use my surroundings to show the inner side, what an artist feel and react or I can say these two of my work is my personal feeling what I perceive about myself and my surroundings.
There are many houses in my house - II
Mixed Media
35 h X 52 w X 7 d inches
` 1,15,000
all inclusive
Resite, 2015
Oil on Canvas
12 h X 10 w inches
` 28,750
all inclusive