3 Solo Shows : Pratul Dash, Malavika Rajnarayan & Poushali Das

Title: 3 Solo Shows : Pratul Dash, Malavika Rajnarayan & Poushali Das

Venue: IGNCA
Date: 06-03-2018 to 16-03-2018
Time: 11 am to 7 pm

Anant Art presents

3 Solo Shows : Pratul Dash, Malavika Rajnarayan & Poushali Das

Pratul Dash’s works in this solo continue his preoccupation with concerns about our environment as well as his own experiences of coming from a small town, leading a simple life, and being thrown unprepared into the chaos of urban spaces. His works feature the impact of urbanization and visual metaphor of the ‘human vs. nature’ conflict, where issues like migration and displacement of self are the main concerns. Having been trained in the tradition of academic realism, for him the pictorial surface was an avenue through which one could engage the viewer into an alternate idea of reality. Over the years his interpretation of the surface of a work has changed and he has begun exploring the painted surface as a window through which one can slowly rupture and fragment the viewers' ideas of realism. It is a slow unravelling of how our perception of the world comes through carefully constructed cultural realities. The cusp of falling and flying has always fascinated him, and it stands as a metaphor for the desire and anxiety that comes with change. In this body of works the process of painting and its relationship with the history of image-making is of primary importance, alongside which Pratul also explores the political possibility of stylistic juxtaposition.

Malavika Rajnarayan's paintings use the human figure to explore notions of the self and its relation to a larger collective consciousness. Her visual language is informed by the miniature painting tradition, where the poignancy of ideas is conveyed through beauty, grace, strength and fragility. The body of works in this solo show continue her exploration of contextual multitudes focusing on her interpretation of non-urban, intimate interactions and deeper human relations. Having grown up in a progressive environment free from stereotypical notions of womanhood, Malavika is deeply intrigued by the socially embedded virtues of femininity and the counterintuitive strength it carries; which comes across in her works through a sense of feminine softness. The art is further enhanced by deep reflections on the aesthetics and politics of different communities, landscapes, and cultural factions. The methodology of painting from introspective knowledge which forms the backbone of Miniature painting has become an integral part of Malavika’s work, giving the appearance of being part of a conversation rather than viewing a work of art.

Poushali Das’s works are a reflection of her narrative style of painting that incorporates the ‘Pata’ painting tradition with Japanese techniques, which is reflected in her quaint color palette and delicate figures. Having lived and worked in Japan for a major part of last year, her recent works which will be exhibited in this show reflect a wonderful amalgamation of the oriental miniaturist style with magic realism. The narratives are a contemplation of characters from various myths and legends borrowed from the Puranas, Ramayana and various ancient Indian texts. Her paintings are executed with great skill that she has mastered through intense study of traditional methods of painting in the medieval and early modern period - be it the “miniature” paintings of Persian and Mughal courts or the watercolors of the Bengal School. In several works, she follows the format of traditional storytelling, with long horizontal scrolls that the viewers ‘read’ as they walk. The figures are detached from their original context acting as symbols, gesturing to mythological or sacred texts but not illustrating them. To answer the question of how one is to make sense of contemporary times where proscriptions on behavior and freedoms abound, she turns to beauty rather than expressions of violence to resolve this dilemma.

Preview: Monday, 5th March 2018, Timing: 6 pm onwards

Public view: 6th – 16th March 2018, Timings: 11 am – 7 pm (open all days)

Venue: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Twin Art Gallery-1, C.V. Mess, Entry - Gate No.1, Janpath, New Delhi, 110001

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