Abhishek Banerjee

Abhishek Banerjee

artist bio

Abhishek Banerjee lives and works out of Kolkata. He completed his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting from The Indira Kala Sangeet Viswavidyalaya. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Museum studies from Rabindra bharati University Kolkata. He experiments with oil paints mostly and finds it comfortable to express his thoughts in painting.

Banerjee had his first solo exhibition at the 8th Day Café and Bakery in Kolkata in 2016. He has participated in several group shows in Kolkata over the last few years. He has received awards by Camlin Kokuyo Foundation for Exhibit from the Eastern Region in 2015, by Emami Chisel and the State Academy in 2017.

artist statement

I work mostly on landscapes. I believe it is important for me to realize the existence of space inhabited by human life that holds a greater imagery of the existence of a mortal being. My work emphasizes how I see things around me. While completing my Bachelors in Fine Arts I realized that I wanted to observe things around me closely and witness the simplicity of nature. I wanted to capture them in the purity of their nakedness. Space remains a constant witness to time and time speaks of people and their stories. The land we live in continues to grow every day creating new life and taking away the old. Therefore I try to find subject matter around the space inhabited by people and wish to continue developing new ideas based around it.

Artist Ram Kumar has been a key figure as an inspiration in my professional life. I love the way he simplifies things and convinces people to see beyond their imaginations. I’ve tried bringing about uniqueness to my work through various experiments that I carry out. Each work that I create follows different perspectives and adds a new dimension to my existing narrative, in the process teaching me something new every time that I create. I am intrigued by “multi colour palette” and I try to understand different colours by experimenting with them. This way I am not confined within a particular boundary and I also get the opportunity to understand the depth and intrinsic properties of paint.


This particular series of paintings was started in July 2016 and has about 6 works under the body as of now. “Descent of the Ganges” is an abstract expressionistic series which depicts the abstract nature of the Holy River - Ganga, and its descent onto the surface of the earth alongside the numerous mythologies attached with it. The series is a self interpretation of the river’s journey, created with the help of various tales and stories that every Indian child has grown up listening to. Through my depictions I have tried to chart impressions of how the holy river found its way to Earth, and what could have possibly been the circumstances of the river while making the descent from Heaven. The series is basically a quest to understand abstract creativity and the creative thinking involved in actualizing stories with substantial thought.


I started working around the concept of Jade Kimono in April 2016 one afternoon after an abrupt awakening from an incomplete sleep. I dreamt of a Japanese woman painting on the streets of Calcutta in a Jade Kimono. Her hair was tied in a neat bun and it seemed too perfect to be real. There was a charismatic aura around her that drove me, pulled me to the place where she painted. I could manage to retain parts of what the painting was all about and upon waking, I began with the body.

The series is an Open Series, open to life and to such dreams. I understand dreams to be fragments of imaginative realities or alternate realities reflected in our subconscious. Transferring dreams to reality is undoubtedly a challenging task, especially when dreams themselves appear surreal or abstract. Recreating the essence of that abstraction to a painting becomes a challenging job. Since the body is “Open” there is scope to adjust within creative improvisations and in the coming years that may lead to matured thinking.

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