About Us

Art is eternal, life is ephemeral. Collecting art is a unique experience with emotional, intellectual and social rewards. The motivations for collecting art could be a combination of intellectual satisfaction, love of art, reflecting aesthetic taste, investment potential, and connoisseurship.

We at Anant Art believe in offering solutions to discover and collect artworks. We are a team of art enthusiasts and entrepreneurs committed to making the art-collecting experience enjoyable, accessible, and enriching. We offer you a customized platform which keeps pace with the current global contemporary art trends and the evolving patterns and motives of art buying.

We wish to make it possible for everyone to own original fine art. Whether your plan is to invest in art, build a collection, decorate your interiors or office; our advisory offers you the best solutions for your individual requirements. This is a relaunch of Anant Art Gallery which played a significant role in promoting contemporary Asian art and defined new standards in art representation. Anant Art Gallery has not only hosted significant South Asian contemporary artists in 2000s, it also played a crucial role in defining new standards in display, artist residencies and catalogue writing. The enduring values of Anant Art Gallery are integrity, quality and service.

Our unique virtual art gallery offers affordable art from the nation's most acclaimed artists. Our expert panel carefully selects each artist and artwork so that you can purchase paintings, prints, and sculpture with confidence and ease. Anant Art is your vehicle to embark on a unique visual and aesthetic journey to experience and own the gems of Indian contemporary art. Our attempt is to build a new generation of art collectors and patrons by offering them the convenience and flexibility of a virtually curated platform.

Our art advisory team extends its service and guidance to collectors who value originality and quality.

We wish to maximize the quality and value of the art you collect, and also your personal enjoyment and appreciation of it.