Aisha Abid Hussain

Aisha Abid Hussain

artist bio

Living and working in Lahore, Pakistan Aisha Abid Hussain holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths College, University of London (2012) and a Bachelor Degree from National College of Arts, Lahore (2008). She is a recipient of various scholarships and awards including Hajji Sharif Award in Miniature Painting from NCA, Lahore and New Contemporaries from ICA, London. Holding a diverse practice, working with a variety of mediums from Miniature Painting to Photography and Film, she has exhibited widely in Solo and Group shows in Galleries and Museums around the world.

Recent solo shows of note include - A Fine Balance between love and Despair at Rohtas 2, Lahore, Pakistan (2017), Embodiment of the Sublime at The Loft at the Lower Parel, Mumbai (2016), Before It Fades at Koel Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan (2015) and Two Not Together at Hanmi Gallery, London (2014). Selected Group shows include - Personal/Universal at Hinterland Gallery, Vienna, Austria, Bloomberg New Contemporaries at Institute of Contemporary Art London (2013) and Her Stories at Taubman Museum, Virginia. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Undergraduate and Graduate programs, National College of Arts and Beaconhouse National University in Lahore.

artist statement

Being a research based practicing artist I get fascinated by history whether it is personal or worldly. While digging for ancient documents, scripts, photographs and text the thought of exploring hidden treasures of narrative yet to be told excites me. A crucial aspect of my creative practice lies in working with an archival mode. My practice commenced from the blank white pages of a daily diary recording day to day short lived moments, pains and pleasures, claustrophobic images filled with text spreading like a contagious virus. The desire to meditate caused an image like a weave, a net or a moth making a cocoon with extreme patience.

A drowsy pleasure amuses me while writing endless and intricate text lines, and it reminds me of the term ‘Frass’ which has been used to identify debris or excrements produced by insects. It is creepy but not offensive, disturbing but not repulsive. The works executed in liquid medium, reflects the obsessiveness with the process, a force waiting to explode, a desire to break free from something tightly knotted. I recall an intense pain of loss while using aged and pale paper, reminiscing of the sorrow one feels for lost time and relationships. The heartbreaking ache for one’s own existence, the imbalance and crudeness of life constitutes a mellow palette and mood.

I deeply value my training as a Miniature Painter and by utilizing this sensibility, I move back and forth from traditional to contemporary medium in order to explore the undiscovered aspects of art making in this genre to a broader level.


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