Anandakrishnan S.K

Anandakrishnan S.K

artist bio

Anandakrishnan S.K. has completed his B.F.A. from RRVCFA, Mavelikara, Kerala and M.F.A from University of Hyderabad. He has been the recipient of Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award. Anandakrishna's works reflect on contemporary social issues of migration and the complexities involved with urban spaces. He also delves deeper into nature and habitat in his beautiful renderings which carefully places birds, animals and human beings. He is currently doing his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.

artist statement

My works are generated from my way of looking at nature and my own interaction with it. The images I collect from the immediate surroundings and from the memories accumulated in me and my own dialogue with them create my work. My interest is to create a poetic visual vocabulary in painting through the interweaving of images and ideas to narrate the underlying stories it carries. The idea of living space (Home) plays a very important role in my works. I look at the image of different kinds of homes and try to reconstruct them in to a conglomerate which is owned by man as well as all creatures on earth. I look at home as a part of every one's psyche rather than looking at it as a mere building made of bricks and cement. Home is not just a building or land where you live; it's a vast emotional ocean which lies within one's self. Being an artist I enjoy metamorphosing ideas into images and images in to poetry.


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Anandakrishnan S.K.


Anandakrishnan S.K.

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Anandakrishnan S.K.

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Anandakrishnan S.K.
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