Arslan Farooqi

Arslan Farooqi

artist bio

Arslan Farooqi (born 1992, in Faisalabad) is a contemporary artist. Based in Lahore, he is currently working as an artist, illustrator and animator. Farooqi studied at The National College of Arts Lahore in Pakistan, where he specialized in Indo-Persian Miniature painting. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a distinction in 2016. He works in various mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture, animation, large-scale installation and video. His works have been featured in Karachi Biennale and several group exhibitions such as 3rd multidisciplinary art show, Chittagong, Bangladesh (2017), Obscure dreams of fear and desire, Satrang art gallery, Islamabad (2017), We ate the birds at Koel art gallery, Karachi (2017), Microcosm at Gandhara art space, Karachi (2017), Social Objects at Canvas Gallery, Karachi (2017); ‘Dil to Pagal hai’ at Sanat Gallery, Karachi (2017); The Absolute Truth at IVS Gallery, Karachi (2016); Ibtida at Studio Seven, Karachi (2016); Green Signal at ZahoorulIkhlaq Gallery, Lahore (2016); ‘It’s all about…’ at Canvas Gallery, Karachi (2016); News from Tomorrow at Karachi Literary Festival, Karachi (2016).

artist statement

My practice can be called ‘Edumation’: Educating someone through animation.

I translate Indo-Persian paintings into digitally animated series. In my works I play with movement to disrupt static spaces springing from the immobility of wasli as a medium, and through that process stimulating a sentiment which is lost in the fixed masterpieces of the Miniature tradition.

The images I choose from history are commonly seen as frozen moments that have a potential to come back to life through ‘edumation’. The movements are subtly portrayed to seem as if they have been suspended in a distant time, or as if they appear to come from the imagination of the viewer. My intention is to retrace the sentiment beneath the veil of appearance.

The gestures and looks of the characters in my recreations may seem surreal and bewitched to the beholder. This aspect is part of my imagination—a bit creepy and restless—that shines through in all of my works. But my primary motive has always been to convey the emotions you feel when you find yourself in front of the masterpieces of Miniature Painting.

Arslan Farooqi

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