Binay Sinha

artist bio

Born in 1977, Binay completed his BFA from Faculty of Visual Arts from BHU, Varanasi (1998). Currently based in Delhi, he has participated in solo and two-person shows including ‘NOT MISSING ANYTHING IMPORTANT’ at All India Art and Craft Society, New Delhi (2016) and ‘Contemporary Colours’ at Kamalnayan Bajaj Gallery, Mumbai (2015). He has also exhibited in various group shows- Lokmanya Tilak Art Exhibition, Pune (2018); 100th All India Annual Exhibition, The Art Society of India, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (2018); Confluence’18, International Art Contest, Galerie art Eterne (2018); Thoughts by the river, Galera, Uzupis Art Incubator, Lithuania (2017); Political Commentary, Linus Art Gallery, Los Angeles (2015). He was granted a month-long residency at Uzupiz Art Incubator, Vilnius, Lithuania in 2017.

artist statement

Born in Ranchi, a city in Jharkhand that is surrounded by some of the richest natural resources in the country, I had the privilege of observing and understanding nature from close proximity.

Alongside a fulfilling career as an illustrator, my omnivorous curiosities have inspired me to produce an enormous body of work, put together through experimentation across multiple available mediums. The basic character of my art, however, remains the same.

I have touched upon a wide range of subjects and issues, but I find it most comfortable to communicate my thoughts, feelings and ideas on contemporary issues affecting us all today, whether social, political or environmental. I tend to rely on conventional materials and techniques because I believe my practice is not about mere representation of a conscious revival of traditional techniques. And this allows me to explore and expand new creative expressions.

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