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Anant Art at Family is Plural

Title: Family is Plural

Date: 06-12-2019 to 29-12-2019
Time: 11.00am to 7.00pm

Family is Plural

The ultimate goal of desire in this time has come to represent the dissipation of truth and rights, as well as the depletion of planetary resources. Overarching despair has come to licit half-truths and falsehoods that now sustain the world's affair.

How do we individually understand the history of loss?

In the case of the Delhi-based socially engaged artist, Probir Gupta employs, in his paintings, sculptures and installation work, a complex interwoven narrative structure. The result is an immersive image wherein fragments of human activity blend, float up to be further crafted by the viewers’ personal knowledge and imagination. The ambition of the artist has always been to resolve the constructed sites of crisis with the minutiae of details often from his own observation of isolated acts of compassion or duty to humankind.

Shaheen Merali is a curator, critic and writer, currently based in London. In his essay on Gupta he explores the intersection of art, cultural identity and global histories.

Bikaner House

New Delhi

On View Until :Sunday 29th  December 2019

11.00am - 7.00pm

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