Gopa Trivedi

Gopa Trivedi

Artist Bio

Gopa Trivedi was born in 1987. She earned her B.V.A and M.V.A in Painting from MS University, Baroda, in 2010 and 2012 respectively. Her prominent group shows are ‘Ijtema’ Lahore, 2017; ‘Contraband’ New Delhi, 2017; ‘We have some Stardust’ NIV, New Delhi, 2015; ‘Reconstructing Home’ Serena Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2015. Her solo show ‘In Pursuit of Silence’ was organised by Art Konsoult, New Delhi in 2014. Gopa was shortlisted for Lepsien Foundation emerging award in 2015 and has been a recipient of several scholarships and awards including UMISSA Scholarship from S.A.F India in 2013, Nasreen Muhammadi Scholarship in 2011 and Jairam Patel award in 2010. She was also been part of Indian Arteliers Goa India and B.N.U Lahore, Pakistan residencies in 2013 and 2014. Gopa lives and works in Gurugram.

Artist Statement

My work essentially incorporates narrative structures, taking inspiration from the seemingly insignificant every day spaces. The working process incorporates characteristics and implications specifically related to space, time, degeneration and fragmentation.

The works are attempts at exploring the correlation of time and space. I perceive a given space as a cocoon that experiences the inhabitants and acts as an agency of biographies of the lives that take root in them. Similar to the permeable skin that covers a being, these spaces – encompassing lives within them – bear traces of what had been and what dwells within.

Thus I weave my works and narratives, by being receptive of the subtleties and the nuances of a given space.

As an artist I have been trained under a traditional miniaturist; hence my practice reflects similar sensibilities, irrespective of the medium.

Since past one year i have been working with time-based media works, as they have duration as a dimension, which allows me to explore the malleability of Time perception.