Heeral Trivedi

Heeral Trivedi

artist bio

Heeral Trivedi has completed her BFA and MFA with a specialisation in Painting from MS University, Baroda. During this period she also took part in various workshops with prominent artists and went on to attend important artist camps in India. She was awarded National Scholarship for 1996-98 from Ministry of Human Resources, Department of Culture, India. Heeral's works are known for the use of human figures especially to shift the gaze towards a domestic perspective in order to access the mundane. Her compositions blend in various media especially watercolours, acrylic, gouache along with sequins accomplishing a serene landscape. These compositions are also made possible by the juxtaposition of several images in a rhythmic positioning. Heeral has been part of various solo and group shows in India and abroad. Her significant solos include 'Slivers of Memories', Red Earth Art Gallery, Vadodara, (2014); "Name/ Place/ Animal/ Thing", Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi (2009); 'Bed Of Roses', Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai (2006), etc. Her selected group shows include 'The New Collection', at Time and Space gallery, Bangalore (2016); 'Baroda Chronicles', at Vadfest, Vadodara (2015); 'Three Contemporary Indian Women Artists', Cultural Center, New York, U.S.A. (2003), etc

artist statement

Slivers of Memories

It is in my subconscious that I travel to places often unknown or revisit those that I may have forgotten ...

Transiting through many states of your mind, is not always an experience where you record every element in your vision.

Here we are drifters, stumbling over objects and people. Sometimes jumbled in an irrelevant fashion and yet we read them as metaphors which can tell countless stories.

My present set of paintings can be read through the many layers that they have. I have chosen my image and gone over it and over it ..... sometimes in many colours or lines till it convinces me of its presence / absence.

All notions of time erased, I am the child or a mother, nurturing my garden or building castles from the pages my own history. I am hiding behind translucent walls, descending from the sky, climbing imaginary ladders and rising.

We are reinventing personal battle grounds, sticking pieces of our possessions and mundane routines in our dairies.

And like flowing water a rush of emotion throbs through the veins. While veins turn into roots and roots run deeper and deeper, is it I, or like a sliver of my memories, the monument that touches me.....?

Heeral Trivedi