Malleshi H V

Malleshi H V

artist bio

After completing his B.F.A (Painting) from Karnataka University, Malleshi H. V. did his Post Graduate Diploma (Printmaking) from Kala-Bhavan, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan. His solo show of paintings and drawings titled “Rediscovering Roadies” was held at Priyasri Art Gallery, Mumbai-2011. Significant participation in group shows include Obtuse-Acute, Exhibition of Paintings at Priyasri Art Gallery, Mumbai-2009, “Contemporary printmaking in India” Jahangir art gallery, Mumbai – 2010, Space” exhibition of art at Nazar Art gallery Baroda – 2016, “Scape and Scope” Tao Art Gallery’s 16 Anniversary show Jehangir art gallery Mumbai and Tao art gallery Mumbai – 2016, PAPIER” the group show at Roots art gallery Vadodara – 2017, etc. He was awarded the Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Award 2017. Malleshi’s works tackle the political and environmental crisis through satire. It takes a dark humorous turn with its choice of themes, title and the rendering. Malleshi lives and works in Baroda.

artist statement

My work is the direct result of my experience of the changes that have taken place around. The contemporary situations and circumstances made me to talk and work on it.

From the beginning onwards I used to work on the subjects related to pollution and its effects on cultivation and related issues. In that connection I have done many more drawings and paintings in various mediums. Drawings contain townships surrounded by industries, unhealthy situations and leading to respiratory complications, etc. The atmosphere is covered with smoke from the spill-over of factories. The city is a lifeless space and in my mind it has been silenced. There are no trees left and even the water in the town is polluted by industrial waste. My choice of materials that is graphite pencil and acrylic block and white is linked to this state of affairs. The smog is shown through the pencil work and the blackness of the surrounding is evocative of the silence of the city, smothered over with smog. The polluted water is also shown as black.

The present series of works are based on political satires on the contemporary political turbulence around the world that people are facing today. Many of these works contains chameleon that depicts the politicians that shows changing colours accordingly, some works contain throne that shows the power and sometimes caterpillars, some of them also contains unbalanced chairs etc. All these symbolize the present situations and the difficulties we face and I try to depict them through a visual vocabulary of my own.