Muktinath Mondal

Muktinath Mondal

artist bio

Born in 1982, Muktinath Mandal holds a BFA from Indira Kala Sangeet Viswa Vidyalaya, Chhattisgarh and also received M.F.A. from University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. Muktinath has participated in several shows in India - including Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, Bhopal, Chennai and Hyderabad. Muktinath received Merit scholarships from the University of Hyderabad and has also been awarded for best painting in college exhibition. Muktinath lives and work in Vadodara. His works emerge as a personal response to his immediate environment, the diversity of cultures and ecological landscapes around him. These definitely enrich the range of representation and imagery in his work. He focuses on these objects, like the hand-held lantern, tube well, rice flatter, pump machines, clay made vessels, hand pulled rickshaw and some other which are mainly used by rural people- potters, carpenters, iron-smith, fishermen, milkmen, boatmen, weavers, farmers and rickshaw-pullers, inside some exotic plants

artist statement

Being an artist I act as a protagonist and tell the unheard stories of my culture which is still unknown to so many people. I tend to gather every tiny image and character which is associated with me very carefully and assemble them in my work. I weave my stories with hues of color, rubbed brushstrokes, local elements, sculpture and a wide range of mediums. Surface making is very important to me, whether it is painting or sculpture or installation. By nature I am a perfectionist, so each of my work has their own requirement to be represented, and according to their characters I prepare the wall or room or floor where that particular work to be displayed and smaller things happen for the frame as well so that the entire ambiance should support to enhance my work to be more vocal because to me it's not just a particular work to be seen but an overall experience to be remembered.

Whenever I plunge into my past, each time I find a fresh green water hyacinth or a courtyard partially covered with cow-dung paste or the mundane lives of people and their rituals and mythical stories they believe, it always tickles my thoughts.

After coming to the city and got exposed to the so called modern society I realized the poignant and bleak reality of the society that they got so less in life, their lives does not comprise fresh drinking water, electricity, and proper education and the list continues with endless columns.

All these political, social, economic and cultural agenda paradoxically surfaces in my works consciously and subconsciously through various image making and narratives and medium I use.

In my works I try to establish the local flavor of my culture which is an amalgamation of daily practices of mundane lives, religious and spiritual beliefs,various proverbs, unknown stories and folk songs of people which is being nurtured by them wholeheartedly since ages but eventually are in the verge of extinction in this complex and modern society. I always feel I am one of them and cannot deny the responsibility to preserve that essential and indigenous elements and values of my culture, to me these insignificant elements are the sole representative of any particular culture, or else in this globalization everything will lose its own entity and look similar.

I belong to a small and unfamiliar place of West Bengal named Tulia and it does not have any special feature to make a humble mark in the atlas but in my memory it occupies a huge and significant space which does not even match to any big urban cities. It is like a utopian land which offered me handful bounty of joy as I grew up in that very background where people do not complain about what they don't have rather they are content with what they have. Their cultivation and fine craftsman skill, ponds adjacent to their small house covered with lots of flora and fauna, long green pasture.... they own almost everything on god's earth....

Muktinath Mondal

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Muktinath Mondal

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Muktinath Mondal
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