The Nest

The Nest

Date: 12-06-2020 to 12-07-2020

The Nest

curated by Aditi Ghildiyal

A home should be understood as a multidimensional concept. Literature too describes home diversely as conflated with or related to a house, family, haven, self, gender, and journeying. It defies being restricted merely within the ambit of physicality as it is more of a destination and an anchor to our true self, our identity and existence. The periphery of our house is what shelters us from the sanctimonious gaze of the world.

But what if our little paradise of on earth becomes a space of contention? 

This is where the idea of ‘The Nest’ as a visual enquiry came about. The exhibition explores the concept of ‘The Nest’ (a home) in both its literal and metaphorical contexts through the artworks of eight artists from across the country. The artists draw inspiration from their own dwellings to delve deep into the constitution of an architectural space of a house and its correlation with the woman in it and often, versus it. The exhibition shares perspectives and allows one to think of behaviors and materiality that separates the domestic and the non-domestic.

Participating Artists :
Bhartti Verma | Dimple B Shah | Jitha Karthikeyan | Manju Mohanadas | Moutushi Chakraborty | Nirali Lal | Sonali Laha | Sonatina Mendes

About the Artists

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‘Stainless Steel Nirvana- Path of Atmanirbhar' a performance by Dimple Shah

Exhibition Artwork