Noor Ali Chagani

Noor Ali Chagani

artist bio

Noor Ali Chagani is an artist based in Lahore, Pakistan. Chagani received his BS Degree in Computer Science in Karachi and a BFA in Miniature Painting from National College of Arts, Lahore. He has exhibited his works in solo and group exhibitions in Pakistan, India, UAE, UK, Netherlands, Bahrain and United States. His first major international solo exhibition ‘House of bricks’ at Leila Heller Gallery, New York was held in 2016, while recent group participations include Lockwood Kipling: Arts and Crafts in the Punjab and London, V&A Museum, London 2017, Universal / Personal, Hinterland Galerie, Vienna Austria 2016 and ETHEREAL, curated by Dr. Amin Jaffer, Leila Heller Gallery, New York 2014. He was invited for a guest residency in Rijks Academy, Netherlands 2012 and Riwaq Art Space residency in Bahrain 2013, and more recently the Jameel Art Residency at Victoria and Albert Museum, London 2016.

artist statement

My art practice is about the common man, particularly from South Asia where I belong relating to his life, struggles, dreams, and fears. Most of my sculptures comprise of small, handmade bricks of terracotta that I fire in traditional ovens. To me bricks and walls are a symbol of enormous strength; they represent social power and demarcate the boundaries of ownership. But on the other hand, they are symbols of absolute silence and isolation, seemingly immovable and impenetrable. In my sculptures, I play with the many meanings of walls, making them appear to be moving rather than stagnant, pliable rather than rigid. The idea of possession is so deeply rooted in mysociety that people spend their entire lives pursuing this dream, yet endless responsibilities restrain them from showing their softer, more fragile or emotional side. My work “Hanging Carpet” is about showing the softer side of men. The brick cloth aims to transform preconceived notions of solid walls into something fragile and cloth like. With this work, I am interested in bringing the bricks closer to our skin, transforming them into something wearable.

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