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Anant Art | Shifting Realities

Preview: 2nd August 2017, Shridharani Gallery, Timings: 6.30pm  9pm.

For public: 3rd  - 10th August 2017, Shridharani Gallery, Timings: 11am  -  7pm (all days)

Anant Art presents Shifting Realities, a show featuring artworks of a group of emerging and mid-career artists.

Dreams, visions, fantasies, and memories act as rifts in the fabric of our realities. The act of existing is disturbed by such impulses. These interruptions like a slippery eel, not fully revealed, always slipping away, create a tear in our perceived realities. They intersperse with our realities, cast doubt on the conscious mind, sometimes granting us magical visions to recast realities. Subtleties of relationships, broken bonds and a society riddled with anxiety, terror and lack of respect for humanity have accumulated into an overwhelming experience that is defined by the spaces we inhabit. In addition, the impact of numerous socio-political events both on a global and national scale have brought the importance of our immediate surroundings to the fore, leaving the human figure lost in the background, consumed by its own reality.

The transformative potential of art work to re-imagine lived realities is astonishing. It is instrumental in its radical potential to imagine unseen visions and lead us to navigate through them. A sojourn of magical proportions, an odyssey of epic scale; the essence of art to conceive visual utopias and dystopias is truly remarkable. Through landscapes, figures, mythical animals, labyrinths, architecture, etc. art conjures up myriad imageries to constantly satiate human desire.

In an attempt to unravel changing perceptions, this exhibition explores art and architecture in today's fast-changing cultural milieu. It brings together artists who attempt to address these diverse existential threats and nuances of our current socio-political predicament through abstract depictions of objects and surrealistic rendering of buildings and cities that form an important part of our urban landscape; in addition to conceptualising memories and the impact of time on our existence through a number of mediums and stylistic approaches ranging from surrealism to satire and minimalism. Oscillating between microscopic to panoramic views of reality with both abstract and figurative elements, this collection by a group of emerging and mid-career artists covers a multi-faceted approach to our collective consciousness of reality.

Participating Artists:

Abhishek Narayan Verma, Aisha Abid Hussain, Digbijayee Khatua, Loknath Pradhan, Malleshi HV, Rehana Mangi, Rubaba Haider, Sumana Som, Tanmay Santra

Anant Art is a curated art platform which keeps pace with current global contemporary art trends. We are a team of art enthusiasts committed to making the art-viewing experience meaningful, accessible, and enriching.

Anant Art Gallery played a crucial role in promoting contemporary art in India and represented significant South Asian contemporary artists in the 2000s; it also played a crucial role in defining new standards in display, organising artist residencies and catalogue writing.

Besides establishing a dynamic virtual presence for South Asian contemporary art, Anant Art is also committed to focusing on online and offline curation, art historical research, art publishing, and various interactive educational outreach programmes. It strives to develop itself as a multifaceted platform which could catalyse new thinking and discussions on contemporary art.