Priyanka Govil

Priyanka Govil

artist bio

Priyanka completed her BVA and MVA in Painting from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda in 2008 and 2010 respectively. She is the recipient of Inlaks India Award in 2010 and the Pollock-Krasner Grant in 2016. Priyanka's works are characterised by the use of earthy tones where the profuse use of grey tone represents the rough/raw side of people living in the countryside. Her works have been part of a solo show at Gallery Art Konsult, New Delhi, in 2010 and many curated as well as group shows in India including India Art Fair-5, with Gallery Art Konsult, New Delhi, 2013; Mohor, Pune Biennale, with Tilting Art Gallery, Pune, 2013; United Art Fair, New Delhi, 2012; Allegories, Gallery Art Konsult, New Delhi, 2012; Conservation on Canvas, Religare Arts & WWF-India, New Delhi, 2012; India Art Fair-4, with Gallery Art Konsult, New Delhi, 2012; 'The Dramatics of Diverse Interpretations/ Perspectives, Gallery Art Konsult, New Delhi, 2012; 'Next in Line' a group show of 13 women artists, Gallery Blue Spade, Bangalore, 2011; 'Future of Museum Collection- III, Visual art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 2011; 'With Love from Baroda', Hacienda Gallery, Mumbai, 2011; Priyanka lives and works in New Delhi.

artist statement

Growing up in a joint family and observations around me gave me a way to compare used objects to old generation. In my early works the objects that started to appear were valuable to the history of my family and me. Through the works I depicted their importance in the early and rural households of India. Various kinds of textures came in my works during the years and in an attempt to bring the tactile feeling, the process becomes more intriguing than the final product. At later stage, memories of my hometown that is surrounded by many natural habitats gradually brought the vast geographical landscapes of the region into my works (2009-2013). The absence of human figures became the presence of humans itself by the use of spaces, which are intervened by us humans. At present, I am merging up the objects I have used and the landscapes I have imagined and drawn, in small-scale drawings done in pen and ink and pastels. These drawings are part of a transition period, which started with my shift to a metro city from a small city and still going on. I've planned to take these drawings forward in the same scale where I encounter interesting words or sentences while reading poetry by my father and others and decide on drawings based on the 'found words'. Other than that found shadows also play an important role in the works. In recent years, I found my voice in Performance art as well. The performances, I've done so far have been about simple acts based on barter system that existed long ago in many cultures, talking about the unsafe environment girls face in countries like India where rape is a demon just next door.

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