Raajesh Eknath Patil

Raajesh Eknath Patil

artist bio

Raajesh Eknath Patil is an artist based in Indore. He loves working on manuscripts. He has had both solo as well as group exhibitions in various cities across India and internationally in USA, London, Australia and Toronto. He participated in Auctions, residencies & various camps as well.

artist statement

Life as I know it, distinguishes definitely between ‘This’ and ‘That’-here is a threshold that can never meet. There is an immense space between the two concepts: while ‘This’ denotes a nearness and close presence, ‘That’ depicts great distance in its representation. ‘This’ has the capacity to be directly expressed through our given senses and through our intelligence and consciousness. ‘This’ we know. ‘This’ we fully perceive. It has the power to become a point of focus of our immediate knowledge. What lies beyond our point of focus inextricably becomes ‘That’. The essence of ‘That’ tells us that the Unknown remains unknown, and although we may be able to experience its meaning, we are unable to express it and as an artist I am deeply convinced of this feeling. To know is to understand the value of the water that flows in the river representing the Present. Yes, you may understand it in the form of a portal or gate-one that is constantly opening for you- but not as a scientific given.

The power of Feeling is limitless; it actually positions us, determining where we are going. It decides the exact location of the Point where we are standing: the precise point where our awakening, our Life-flow stands. And if, by coincidence, we can actually see this exact point of location, and can even venture inside its depth, then ‘This’ really becomes distant, and ironically, ‘That’ is immensely close.

If we make this entrance, then we reach the nucleus of ourselves and transcend ‘This’; the ‘This’ which is omnipresent surrounding us with its presence and move into ‘That’ gaining its power. In reality, sometimes, a Dot behaves like a Line and a Line transforms itself into a Dot. How then do we understand this vast difference that distinguishes the Dot from the Line? In factuality, these realities keep changing; while they stay static in our vocabulary, their opposing extremes tend to a commonality. Love could turn to hate, and this elemental change becomes the essence of our understanding in the Duality of our beings.

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