Residue Online Show


Venue: Online Show
Date: 15-09-2016 to 15-11-2016

Anant Art presents


curated by Premjish

Memory is a residue of our witnessing, the times lived and the life experienced. Despite the processing and reception of abundant sensorial experiences what we retain are fragments of those images, sounds, and words. What remains in time are fragments of those memories akin to a parchment withering away slowly leaving parts of the inscription. Inspired from a chapter’s title from a famous Wong Kar-wai movie (all memories are traces of tears) memories have to be conceived as traces. An incomplete drawing conjured from the residues of the past.

The process of drawing, like memories involves leaving traces and marks. Residues of the medium whether pencil, ink, charcoal, etc. mark the surface, sometimes incise it sharply, etching them lightly or harder, depending on the intensity. Like the seminal scholar-philosopher Alain Badiou has observed a drawing is a complex of marks. It exists with these marks, traces, and lines. The paper exists as its material support. We are familiar with two types of drawings: the romantic one which is characterized by heavy darkness, presence of black ink and violent contrasts and then the contemporary drawing which is more sober, more invisible. Apart from this stylistic starkness both categories embody fragility. One should not mistake it for a material fragility but this delicateness refers to the fragmentary nature. It invokes the active presence of residues creating an intense fragility.

All drawings exist independently as a system of marks, like memories which survive outside of the original event. Not emphasizing on permanence, but on rendering and captivating the emotion in all its density, subtly evoking the despair of losing it all.

- Premjish

Anindita Chakraborty | Mekhala Bahl | Niyeti Chadha | Pooja Irana | Poushali Das | Ranjith Raman | Roshan Chhabria | Sajeev Visweswaran | Vanita Gupta

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