Riya Chatterjee

Riya Chatterjee

artist bio

After completing her BFA (Hons.) in Painting from Kala Bhavana, VisvaBharati University, India, Riya Chatterjee completed her Diploma in Chinese Painting from South West Normal University, Chongqing, China. She was Awarded "Junior Fellowship" by HRD ministry, Govt. of India for 2014-2016. She has taken part in various group shows including Vadfest, Baroda-2015; Allaince Francaise, New delhi-2015; Art Core , U.K.- 2013; Exhibit 320, New Delhi-2012; Gallery88, Kolkata -May, 2012; Siauliai, Lithuania - May, 2012; Nord art, Germany - April, 2012, etc.

artist statement

My endeavour is to express my intimate experiential world at the level of visual language. My recent works revolve around sensuality and sensitivity and explores many untold secrets. The void space, shadows plays a very significant role, as it shows the contrast of the existence, it makes the object to reduce its weight and at the same time it creates depth as well. To me nothing is permanent but "change" itself so change has played a very significant role. I am intrigued with the meaning of change as I am concerned with the ephemeral nature of the object and space, so sometimes the fragility and vulnerability reflects in my work. Sometimes the flower like shapes appear to be the source of a captivating pull, it's almost like the transitional phase of a cycle of life and death. Sensual elements like hair, goose bumps and the physical component is also visible in my work where the meaning of hair is attached to the sensuality, loss, possession and many more emotions. I want my viewers to touch and feel my work, though most of the time it doesn't happen due to some practical problem but it is always a pleasure if they could connect the tactility of my works.

Art Work