Savithri K.C.

Savithri K.C.

artist bio

Savithri K.C. is pursuing her final semester of MFA (Painting) from MS University Baroda. At such a young age she has displayed a conceptual and artistic maturity and cohesiveness. Her imagery is rooted in the vernacular literary traditions, oral history and they are influenced by the local beliefs and myths of northern Kerala. She uses various layers of handmade papers to achieve a visual transparency. Savithri is the recipient of Jeram Patel Award conferred by M S University, in 2014.

artist statement

In my recent works of past one and half year, I bring in narrations of historic events, local myths, literary references, and proverbs in Malayalam, which are satirical comments on the way our natural life is being altered by man himself. Though not a response to my immediate surroundings in a city like Baroda, my works are a journey to my rural roots. Dislocation from my land connects me more to the life and culture existing there. My works have metaphorical connotations of the subject concerned. The works source from multiple reference points; at times, it may come from a historical event such as the Moplah rebellion in 19th century Malabar; at other times an imaginative narration by Gabriel Garcia Marques feeds the imagery; or even the local believes and myths. An act of layering happens in the process of building the composition where global, historical and locales co-reside in the same narrative.

Though I had attempted at layering the images through water colour washes, I had never pondered over the possibility of paper as a material. It was through a series of works with rice paper that I stuck upon the idea of using paper itself as a material offering various range of thickness and hence providing transparency. It revealed a visual subtlety which was engaging for me. I found a play of "Hide and Seek" possible in the work which was restricted only to the surface of the paper with water colour till then. The technique of paper making came as a possibility to take it forward. The sensitivity which it demands in each step of its process adds on to the sensitivity of the work itself. Adding layers of varying thickness to the surface of wet paper opened up a possibility of hiding and revealing images. Layering, both thematically and visually play a prominent role in my art process.

Art Work