Shalina Vichitra

Shalina Vichitra

artist bio

Shalina Vichitra has been part of numerous national and international exhibitions including the reputed Fusing Barn Biennale, Taiwan. She has completed her BFA and MFA, with gold medal, from College of Art, Delhi. Shalina has been the recipient of Human Resource Development Scholarship (Govt. of India). In her works she combines philosophical and aesthetic insights to engage with the idea of cartography in contemporary times. Her works draw references from aerial maps, urban sprawls, constructed spaces, topographic studies, symbols and architectural plans. It takes the shape of a labyrinth or sometimes a grid, layered with colours, taking forms, sometimes highlighting the forms inside and elevating them to create imaginary world of maps and boundaries. had solo shows with 'Topographies of the self' at Anant Art, Art Motif and several curated exhibitions in India and abroad. 'Grain' at Gallery Espace, 'Negotiating Matters' curated by Roobina Karode, 'Summer' at Nature Morte curated by Peter Nagy, 'Emerging India' at Royal college London, 'Who do you think I am' in The Gallery at Cork Street London, 'Contemporary Indian Art' at Muller and Plate Munich, 'Resonance' at Lalit Kala Academy, 'Prayers for the Earth' onsite project in Ladakh supported by Intach etc. to name a few

artist statement

My work is about addressing, experiencing, and decoding characteristics of living situations. Personal associations, emotions, existence, identities become part of a larger issue and address the conflict and contradictions of urban living situations and a constant struggle to decode reality and "the other reality". The individual is a part of a whole populace and the entity I refer to is a speck of this macrocosm. Metaphors for my images come from the Earth, aerial mappings, the urban sprawl, constructed spaces, maps, geographic images, symbols and architecture. I like to engage in constructing deconstructing, positioning - dis-positioning .... locating - dislocating, peeling layers and evolving these thoughts and associations give rise to an experiential space. My work makes references to a shift in urban identities. As the new urban society goes through this shift .... neo consumerism, cross-cultural influences, gender equality issues, the grid seems to distort thus displacing identities. Enmeshed in these shifts they are provoked to find form and hold together new entities, spaces, intertwined with the existing experiences, the fragility of life and its vulnerable moments.

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