Shivlal Saroha

Shivlal Saroha

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Shivlal Saroha has completed his BFA from College of Art, and has been part of various solos and group shows across India. In defining his attitude to social and political issues Saroha lays bare his concern for humanity. His closeness to Nature is reflected through the extensive use of landscapes and animals. In fact, in this show Saroha achieves a rare refinement and balance between landscape and figuration. Venturing into a new kind of visual language, Saroha underscores the point that contemporary painting is an exercise in subjectivity. The originality in his work lies in the fact that he re-maps the territory of landscape painting, while at the same time, digging deeper into our civilisational anxieties. His recent solo shows were displayed at Nehru Centre-Mumbai (2015), Art Heritage Gallery-Delhi (2014), and Jehangir Art Gallery-Mumbai (2013). He was part of group shows at Art Pilgrim-Gurgaon (2015), India Art Fair (2014), etc.

artist statement

For the past ten years as a painter I have explored the vast thematic of landscapes - imagined, experienced and observed. I use four medium - oil, acrylic, charcoal, watercolour on paper and canvas; the visual language of my works; depiction of themes have been consistent throughout in the last decade. Through the honing of my technique, ideas, progressive political insights, critical thinking and humanism, I have undoubtedly carved out a niche for myself in contemporary Indian art and it is not surprising that the haunting images have found their way into prestigious national and international collections.

My paintings and drawings have evolved from a profusion of landscapes towards a shit to figuration.

Formally my painting and drawing are the outcome of a process of art making wherein a new work is executed by the splashing of colours onto the canvas. This ignites my imagination and subsequently, lingering thoughts in my mind provide narratives and themes which are elaborated on the canvas. The paintings, like my thoughts are layered with an array of incidents, sensations and responses...which could be both pleasurable and disconcerting. Gradually the canvas begins to resonate and heaves with latent memories, often intimate, meshing with, and encompassing encounters from his social life. Travelling, reading books, political events, etc. as experiences makes the imagery potent and dense, evolving ultimately into a testament of my fundamental quest... for social justice, peace and harmony. Sensitivity and idealism in time of grave political and social turbulence...and I have to continue searching.

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Shivlal Saroha
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