Date: 20-04-2020


in the season of Quarantine

"An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one." - Charles Cooley

The online show, Soliloquies, is a special curatorial initiative by Anant Art in the times of quarantine and social distancing; a situation that punctuates human life expansively and thus, connects us more than we reckon.

A ‘soliloquy’, contextualised as an artistic practice and expression in recluse underscores an artist’s imagination. The works delve into the relevance of art as a necessity and beyond the constructs of an essential ‘market’, owing to its therapeutic and enabling effect.

Abhishek Narayan Verma | Balaji Ponna | Devidas Agase | Dibyendu Seal | Divya Patwa | Ekta Singha | Govind Vishwas | Malavika Rajnarayan | Mansi Verma | Praveen Kumar | Ravi Kumar Chunchula | Santanu Dey | Surajit Biswas |  Venugopal VG

Note: We commit proceeds from the sales of artworks from this exhibition towards helping support COVID-19 relief efforts.

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