Sonali Laha

Sonali Laha

artist bio

Sonali Laha has completed her BFA (Painting) from College of Art and Design, Burdwan University and MFA (Painting) S.N School of Fine Arts, Central University of Hyderabad. Her recent group shows include 'Born a Girl' in Goethe-Zentrum by Iconart Gallery (2015), 'Clipboard' at Durbar Hall Art Centre Kerala (2015), National Exhibition of Art, New Delhi Lalit Kala Akademi (2015-16). She was the recipient of Odisha Lalit Kala Academi All India Emerging Artist Award in 2012.

artist statement

My resent works are dealt with memory, memorize and fantasy. I always want to manifest my strong feelings and experiences through my work. Intimate memories have a crucial influence in my works. My images are coming from my memory and fantasies are giving beauty to it. My fantasy is building images from my daily life forms. This daily life forms has its own history and memory which have a deep connection with me and my life. It's making some story in my fantasy world. I am deducing my images from my very close surroundings as well as from art history, mythology, movie, theatres, my dream and experiences, also from my intimate images. I always try to hold my intimate memory in to my works. I am trying to fulfil my impossible dream or wish through my works. Most of the time my images are approaching me rather than searching for it. I am basically working with water color which has a huge role in my work. It's transparent and same time if we put a mark it won't go, so we have to very careful. I feel this is similar to memory, if it happened once it's not possible to erase or remove from our life. I do not have any place to fly where I wish, dream or desire. My work acts as a space where I can fulfill all this. I am not trying to control it at all. May be some times its more interesting to other people or viewer and sometimes it's not. It's like standing in the wind and letting it pull you whatever direction it want to go. Some things are really direct. Things start telling you what we are supposed to pay attention to. It really just comes in you and tells you pay attention to this.

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