Suchender P

Suchender P

artist bio

Suchender has completed his BFA and MFA in painting from CAVA, Mysore. His solo shows have been featured in various reputed galleries in India including Gallery Ske, Bangalore and Anant Art Gallery, Delhi. His dynamic water colours render the complicated relationship between man and animals. "The idea evolved from reading about the increasing number of wild animals entering urban spaces," says Suchender. "I realised that it's actually us taking away their habits rather than wildlife encroaching upon ours, and I wanted to reflect on that," he elaborates. Suchender lives and works in Mysore.

artist statement

My works are influenced from activities in my daily routine, such as reading the newspaper. Of late, I have repeatedly observed news about wild animals invading into human habitats in search of food or getting lost beyond their territory. My recent paintings have been made from the point of view of boundaries and the dangers of crossing over into uncharted territories whether it be animals coming into human areas or humans crossing over from one country to another. Both scenarios have equally dangerous repercussions in current times.

In one work, I have painted fortune telling parrots, each holding a card in its beak. The cards resemble flags of different countries, symbolically raising the question of uncertainty, insecurity, and tension between our immediate neighbours as well as on a global scale. In another painting, I have shown animals trying to go back to their lost territory which has been encroached by human expansion, urbanisation, mining etc.

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