Tanmoy Samanta

Tanmoy Samanta

artist bio

Tanmoy Samanta has completed his BFA and MFA in painting from the prestigious Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan with a first class. His solo shows have been held by different reputed galleries in India including Anant Art Gallery. He has also been part of various group shows in India and abroad and his works were featured in well known fairs including Art Dubai, India Art Fair, and Dhaka Art Fair. Tanmoy's paintings are so soft and subtle; it evokes a lyrical visual world through its soothing palette. He creates a world of objects in his works, giving them a central position in his compositions, by freezing them in his frame, giving them a life and world of its own. Tanmoy creates a layered visual experience drawing attention towards his unusual objects. Tanmoy is a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, USA and has been a Fellow Resident at Vermont Studio Center, USA. He lives and works between Delhi and Santiniketan.

artist statement

My works are disarrangements of the everyday world and its architecture of objects, motives and consequences. Presenting the material world through banal objects, I try to invite, through the images, an understanding of the real and the imagined, that which appears before the eye but is completed in its action only by the working of the mind. In the conjunction of unrelated forms or in making the contained visible, I try to tease the mind into a state of speculative uncertainty. I am fascinated by the complex relationship between inside and outside, interior and landscape, the throb of content and the grip of the container. In my work, the contour that should define the form is always shifting. The containers and the cabinets become repositories of secret; they whisper a moment of history. And then, I vacate the history and the image becomes a mysterious motif floated in a fluid statelessness. My new body of work includes three-dimensional books. I use old books and glue the pages together, layer it with rice paper, excavate shapes out of the paper, add objects until the final object is a book only in the covers that are opened to reveal another universe held within them. I think this is a sculptural exploration where the book happens to be the reference form. My practice is a quiet insistence on exploring the miniature and its potential for compassing the epic and I prefer to create a language of solitude and reflection.

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