Umesh P K


artist bio

Umesh P. K. is an artist based in Baroda. He has completed his MFA in Painting from Hyderabad Central University in 2008. Through his works Umesh narrates a pictorial fiction of an imagined geography, its rituals, and creation myths. Like Borges, and Tolkein he too creates a range of paintings, drawings and sculptures to substantiate the legitimacy of this past. His first solo show Excavated Memories- Posthumously Foretold Chronicles was exhibited at Contemplate Art Gallery, Coimbatore. His recent group shows include Ho~ARt at Krishnakriti Festival, Hyderabad; Another life is possible, MNF Gallery, Kochin Sound of Silence , Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad Young Contemporaries II, Contemplate Art Gallery, Coimbatore and July Show, The Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai.

artist statement

In my artistic pursuit imageries of my works are drawn from a world of mythopoeia. In the momentary lapse of reason they appear suddenly as a shooting star in the horizon of my mindscape. The stroke of such visions instantly frees me from the grasp of the patterns of mundane thoughts. During that process I go deeper in to the meticulous details of depictions, for instance while painting a tree I try to understand the tree in its entirety by contemplating on the very nature of it, to do so I avoid all kinds of photographic references and depend only on the accreted memory within the self.

The recent work titled as "Let there be Fire" shows a vast landscape, apparently a primordial forest with a circle of fire in the centre, the burned out portion of forest turned into a void in the middle as a metaphor of the void in the very centre of our being.

Art Work