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Wahida Ahmed

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Wahida Ahmed(b. 1975) is an artist based in Guwahati, Assam. She received a diploma in Fine Arts from Guwahati Artist Guild, Assam. Her narrations weave up stories taken from both the modern and the traditional contexts. It includes mythological references of classical texts and sometimes the images from the postmodern/modern everyday life. The suite of works are striking, subtle and contemplative that engage the viewers in myriad ways emphasizing the relationship between human, society and the surrounding. She received a diploma in Fine Arts from Guwahati Artist Guild, Assam. She has exhibited her works widely in national and international exhibitions. Some of her participation includes India Art Summit, New Delhi in 2009 and 2011, Easel Art Gallery, World Art Games Annual Exhibition at Izmir, Turkey 2012 and Croatia 2013. She has been a recipient of ‘Naari Shakti Award’ by Lions International 2015. She has two publications to her credit Bindu Alekh Bindu & Jibon Dristi, a publication of Assamese poetry.

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The verse of the holy Quran refrained mankind from the gruesome act of terrorism, more than fourteen hundred years ago. It unequivocally adorned killing even a single innocent to be a heinous sin and the perpetrator of this crime to be branded as evil personified. The teachings are somehow misinterpreted in the timescale. It is not abnegation that terrorism has weeded the very root of progress and development of the human society. In this backdrop, the suffering of the common man has stirred the innate creative urge. I have been working over this issue for the last few years and weaving together elements from history and political reality.

In my recent works I have brought an uncanny resemblance between the Apples deemed as the “forbidden fruit”, insinuating the original sin of man to the womb of a woman. It is the womb which is the reservoir of life, and emboldens the very crux of existence of all creatures. It is sad but true, that is the womb which not only nourishes life, yet it is the one which is utterly defiled, by licentious elements. All creatures, be it human or otherwise owes a lot to the womb, and no expression of indebtedness and gratitude can assuage the magnanimity of womb who bore all creation and which was literally the gateway to life.

In my recent works I have added elements of the Arabic texts with a juxtaposition of the past and present bringing stories from Mughal miniature paintings in the present contemporary scene.

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