Yasir Waqas

Yasir Waqas

artist bio

Yasir Waqas was born in Quetta, Pakistan and graduated from National College of Arts Lahore in 2013. He specialized in miniature painting and is currently based in Lahore. His first solo exhibition ‘Flight’ was held at Rohtas ii Gallery, Lahore last year (2017). He is a recipient of the ‘Arjumand Art Prize’ by Gallery 6 at PNCA (Pakistan National Council of Arts), Islamabad (2017). His group show participations include ‘Open Field’ Contemporary Art from Pakistan at PNCA, Islamabad (2016), ‘Tales From The Ateliers’ at Main Frame Gallery, Lahore (2016), ‘Birwa’ Sadqain Gallery, Frere Hall, Karachi (2015), ‘About Time…..,’ Alhamra Art council Lahore, Pakistan (2015), ‘In Transit’ at Full Circle Gallery, Karachi (2015), ‘Creative Scripts’ Group exhibition at Ejaz Gallery, Lahore (2015), ‘SHOW DOWN Epreuve De Force’, Alliance Francaise De Karachi, Karachi (2014), ‘Colors of Pakistan’ Kirklees College, London (2014), ‘International Mail Art–Egypt 2014’ Alexandria, Egypt (2014), ‘In a room…. I trap…the absence of the room’, three person show at Taseer Art Gallery, Lahore (2013), ‘Common Dimensions’ at Art Scene Gallery, Karachi (2013), ‘Memories of Future’, Alhamra Art Council Lahore (2013), ‘Red Hot’, Alhamra Art council Lahore (2011), ‘Transformation’ at Zahoor-ul-Ikhalq Gallery, NCA, Lahore (2008).

artist statement

In my distant memories of growing up, learning mechanics of real airplanes and watching the fascinating details of engines was something I was quite fond of. It triggered my imagination, inspired me to draw them but more than that I was expected to fly them. Being trained as a GPL Pilot and a CAA authorized aircraft mechanic, I felt limited and constrained. Something I wasn’t really sure about started a contradictory conflict within me. What lies between is a huge haze of confusion, clash of ideas and flight from certain circumstances, and the realization that in the end you cannot fully shun what has been planted in your mind.

My work is about compromises and conflicts within a personality, between idea innate and idea implanted; and the damage that is inflicted upon one’s personality as a result of these clashes and essentially, the idea itself. The occurrence of feather and metal in my work continue to build and deceive the viewer because of their very nature, one being the artificially created and the other coming from nature itself. Yet it is a contradiction to their very existence. The battle of opposing a planted idea in my work also explains that it is not always easy to make something you think is best for yourself and acting according to your will doesn’t necessarily makes it your reality. Sometimes it makes you feel claustrophobic filled with desire to fly to the unknown.

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