Anant Art at Times of India DesignX: Collections and Interpretations

Anant Art at Times of India DesignX: Collections and Interpretations

By Chhavi Jain

As art collectors, buyers and enthusiasts warm up to this season’s latest, Anant Art is all set to reveal a spectacular range of works by South Asian artists. Here is a sneak peek into some you definitely don’t want to miss!

Dysfucktional Family Reunion-II (set of 16)

Dysfucktional Family Reunion- II by Abhishek Narayan Verma

Abhishek Narayan Verma’s evergreen Dysfucktional Family Reunion II, a set of sixteen, wields gouache and tea toning on paper. The work brings out the idea of socio-political conditioning, familial insecurities and anxiety together with an inter-spatial plurality, and deliberates a rather dramatic subject against a subtle backdrop.

Alexander Gorlizki

A Modern Romance, How to Spend Your Leisure Time and Outside In by Alexander Gorlizki

New York-based, Alexander Gorlizki’s works are inspired by Rajasthani miniature paintings. The flawless, hand-painted details together with figures from Western mythologies allude to a glorious cross-cultural piece of art. He employs pigment and gold to highlight the nuances. The display will include both narrative and abstract works by Alexander. 

Self Build

Self Build by Digbijayee Khatua

Exploring the ideas of cohabitation in urban scapes, Digbijayee Khatua’s series, Self Build, gives an eccentric dimension to the perception of urbanity. Watercolours and graphite pencil blend to produce earthy shades and a strong allegory on organic paper. “I like to explore how people from different places come together and build their own personal Utopias.. I am curious to study different cultures, languages and human activity, and sharing their experiences,” says Digbijayee.

Untitled (set of 10)

Untitled by Abhijit Saikia

Abhijit Saikia’s canvas of experiential works is abreast with political undertones in his ten paneled, Untitled. The contrasting colour palette, coal black pitted against distinctive figures in orange, mustard and emerald hues bring out a captivating imagery. The figures render significance as the high points of capitalism, while the fire suggests an impending doom. “I have always tried to play with space and I think wide and flat spaces create a new dimension. In a wide space I see so many questions, directions and possibilities, whereas flat space questions me,” shares Abhijit.

There’s more to Abhijit’s oeuvre, as his sculpture, The Thinker, painted in rust, assumes a unique contemplative demeanour. The immaculate nature of his craft sees a clear execution in its intricately crafted wings.


Skipping by Abid Aslam

Traversing spaces between desire and lust, artist Abid Aslam, explores the human subject quod comparari heavenly beings, like angels. In his work, Skipping, he manoeuvres and experiments with mix media on wasli paper. “The work features,” he explains, “seemingly young and innocent subjects afflicted with covetousness as all their fears and anxieties boil down to lust.”

Search for a Story-Teller: A Nocturne

Search for a Story-Teller: A Nocturne by Malavika Rajnarayan

Geometrically aligned with brilliant shades of green, Malavika Rajnarayan’s, Search for a Story-Teller, seems as a coming together of complementing pieces of miniatures which coalesce into a narrative. She primarily works with acrylic paints on canvas. Through her works Malavika raises essential questions like, “When violence is dressed in beauty, is it more bearable?” and ponders upon the role of ‘femininity’ towards the formation of a collective conscience.

Love II

You are the Most Sensible Definition of Love II by Ekta Singha

The mundane, daily life inspires Ekta Singha. Her works stand as a testimony to how she experiences the world, which further culminates into fantastical metaphors. She employs a fine methodology in Embrace the Love with Wide Arms and Open Heart with various mediums of gouache, graphite and pigment on Nepali handmade paper, which is later transferred to linen. In another work, You are the Most Sensible Definition of Love II, Ekta articulates with gouache and khadia on tea toned and acid paper. 

Silent Plea

Silent Plea by Saira Wasim

Saira Wasim’s Silent Plea, reveals the gun violence in America. In this work she recreates and contextualises the seventeenth century French painter, Bouguereau William’s ‘Madonna’. The weighing scale acts as a moral scale, a catalyst that weighs guns over human life. Her work also plays with hashiya (margin) to put forth a bold expression, “In a traditional way, my Hashiyas are visually appealing and disturbing at the same time. The traditional motives are subverted and tell a different story,” Saira explains. The work is elaborately done with paper cutouts, acrylics, gouache and gold on wasli.

Reminiscence of the Daily MusingsI

Reminiscence of the Daily Musings by Ravi Kumar Chunchula

Ravi Kumar Chunchula takes cues from historical anecdotes and contextualises them in a landscape of urban politics and power struggles. “Through forms of violence and satire I like to indicate the enigmatic character of nature and tension brought about by the theory of capitalism and quest for survival in a neo-urban existence,” he says. In his Reminiscence of Daily Musings, he introduces a newspaper collage as a frame to the motifs. He basically employs gouache on rice paper here.

The spider's touch, how exquisitely

The spider’s touch, how exquisitely fine! Feels at each thread, and lives along the line (Alexander Pope),(I) by Rubaba Haider

Hazara women of Afghanistan are historically known to weave rugs and kilims. Rubaba Haider, who traces her own background, makes intricate use of gouache on wasli to paint threads, fabrics and needles in her works. Stories of displacement, loss and pain, the works symbolise various upheavals in her own life. According to Rubaba, “A ‘thread’ is a fine cord made of filaments twisted together. Practically, it can be used to mend fabrics or for sewing, but in a lateral context, it represents a thread of human affairs and relationships.”

Fury of Nature

Fury of Nature by Laxmipriya Panigrahi

“I intend to accentuate the fact that still life has its own existence and I try to find the essence of life in everything around us which makes us lively,” shares Laxmipriya Panigrahi. Brought up in Orissa, her works portray a combination of the traditional Patta paintings together with stylistic miniature elements. She keeps her technique simple by using watercolours and explores her own conscience in her works that set her paintings apart.


Untitled by Pappu Bardhan

Pappu Bardhan explains his works as, “...Lushness of watercolours is quieter, probably subtle if one uses the right word, which invigorates and wells up subtler sensations.” If one looks at his Untitled, one is sure to behold the work for a moment longer. Sharp at the edges and translucent in between, the water colours bring to life dainty lotuses that work very well to appease the onlooker.

Capricon and Bonsai

Capricon and Bonsai by Pratul Dash

Known for turning his narratives into idiosyncratic details on paper, Pratul Dash speaks an all new language through his work. His works like Capricon and Bonsai maintain a well defined perspective with minimalistic yet well-defined figures. He has used mineral colours on Garza Papel sheet in this series.

Vanishing Beauty

Vanishing Beauty (Set of 14) by Manisha Agrawal

Replete with concerns of the diminishing flora and fauna, Manisha Agrawal’s work investigates the adversities of human greed on natureimpacting an impending doom. In Vanishing Beauty, she attempts to conserve fourteen different species of flowers that are now extinct.

The Soul of the Earth and Lost Habitat

The Soul of the Earth and Lost Habitat by Elancheziyan

Elancheziyan S. has worked in unusual hues with ink on board in The Soul of Earth and Lost Habitat. He looks at the new urban form with a sense of loss of traditional and cultural values and its altered association with nature. The works depict estranged elephants pitted against an isolated urban ecosphere striving to reach out.

Heart Beat

Heart Beat by Rehana Mangi

Using mix media on archival paper, Rehana Mangi’s works stand apart with a meticulous grid making, punching and stitching of human hair into patterns. Regarding her unusual technique which she traces back to childhood, she says, “I have a habit of unconsciously collecting fallen hair, in order to prevent ‘black magic’…I introduced hair into my works as a metaphor for loss and death and picked colourful patterns like flowers and butterflies stitched them on pillow covers and later implemented them on wasli.” Memories, both beautiful and agonising, are at the heart of her works.

Rolling Eye

Rolling Eye by Binay Sinha

Binay Sinha’s paintings with a striking floral presence and delicate details will also adorn the display at the festival. The use of handmade paper renders vibrance to the watercolour strokes. Binay seeks inspiration from nature and likes to stick to the conventional mediums, “This allows me to explore and expand new creative expressions,” he says.

Eternal Bliss

Eternal Bliss by Sangeeta Sharma

“I am in search of the subject within myself." Sangeeta Sharma's new range of works in bronze are exquisite to behold. A contemporary, realist sculptor, her female figures, Eternal Bliss and Growth personify a dauntless and receptive spirit. The works are luxurious and larger than life whose simplicity of posture and detailed expressions usher sheer bliss.

The Times of India DesignX festival, an interactive space for works in art, architecture and interiors, will take place at Delhi’s Taj Palace on 14th and 15th September, 2019.

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