Manisha Agrawal

Manisha Agrawal

Artist Bio

Manisha Agrawal (b.1989) began her artistic training at the Govt. College of Fine Arts, Indore, in her home state of M.P. (India), where she received her B.F.A. in 2010 and M.F.A. degree, in 2013. She is also trained in computer graphics (Digital Painting). Some of her recent notable group exhibitions are- ‘Nature | Deliberated’, Art centrix space, Delhi (2018); ‘The Summer Show 2018’, Arts for all, Delhi (2018); ‘PERSPECTA 2018’, Galerie 88, Kolkata (2018); ‘Affordable art’, Nine fish Art gallery, Mumbai (2017); ‘Goa affordable art fest’, Museum of Goa, GOA (2017) and Female Artist Exhibition, State Lalit Kala Academy, U.P. (2017). She has been granted residency at MOG, Goa (2018) and is a receipient of Honorable Mention Award at 83rd All India Academy Exhibition of Arts, Amritsar-2017. She lives and works in Lucknow.

Artist Statement

I live in a society, where flora and fauna get a particular place in religion. But we are engaged in destroying all of them for our greed. The deeds done in our daily lives appear in front of us as a disaster for the future. To express condolences to the environment, I work on environmental disaster series. Everyday I listen to sensitive news about Global Warming, Pollution, Growing Population, Construction, war Industrialization on news channels. I feel their sensations that pass through my mind and try to portray them in a contemporary language on canvas in a realistic and miniature style. I use the imagery of oxygen cylinders, masks and jars in the paintings to protect species symbolically.

Environmental disaster, Animal endangered and Flowers-going to dies, are the titles of my paintings in which I depict forests turning into forests of cement. I try to make the whole atmosphere stricken by humankind. The series “Flowers going to dies” is based on a research about 3000 types of flower species that have slowly disappeared, which my generation has not seen. To keep the memories of the flowers that I see daily, I have illustrated them on paper that future generation will never see.

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Manisha Agrawal
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