Hammad Gillani

Hammad’s practice and training is rooted in the traditional miniature technique. He graduated in Painting from the National College of Arts in 2016. His practice bestows further investigations on human condition and language, capturing movement, postures as well as articulating meaninglessness through his visuals. He scrutinizes the details and gradation. He tries to create structures like a child would to unpack the everyday imagery that manifests emotionally, socially and materially. Through his works, he journeys into the search for meaning. While talking about his practice, Hammad says, “I have created my vocabulary rather than using this (miniature) technique in the same way as it was used in olden times. I seek to go beyond the idea of communication in the direct sense and the calligraphic output supports the aesthetic constituency of my form.”


Hammad’s selected exhibitons include, ‘Personal/Universal’, curated by Aisha Khalid at Hinterland Gallery, Vienna in 2016; ‘Deconstructed–Reconstruction’, at Chawkandi Art Gallery in 2018; ‘Untouched by Words’, a solo exhibition at Sanat Art Gallery in 2019; ‘Poor Translations’ at Chawkandi Art Gallery, 2021. He taught miniature painting at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, Austria in 2016 and 2018.