Group Show

Hashiya: The Margin

Manisha Gera Baswani, Alexander Gorlizki, Desmond Lazaro, Ghulam Mohammad, Nusra Latif Qureshi, V Ramesh, Gulammohammed Sheikh, Nilima Sheikh, Saira Wasim, Yasir Waqas

Anant Art Gallery, 2018

Catalogue essays: Prof. B.N. Goswamy & Prof. Kavita Singh

Foreward: Mamta Singhania

Curator: Mamta Singhania

Concept: Prof. Kavita Singh



“Margin, edge, border: these clearly then are the broad areas to which things point when we come upon the term hashiya, even though between them there are, or can be, distinctions, subtle differences. What is an ‘inner margin’ to be called as opposed to the ‘outer margin’? Does ‘edge’ lie necessarily outside of the ‘margin’, but adjacent to it, on an album page? Is it fair to designate ‘border’ strictly as something that the artist himself conceived and made a part of his painting? Fine distinctions, ambiguities remain. Ordinarily a margin – floral, decorative, at times figurative, – surrounds a painting which is the main object, but this can change…. One needs to look at the matter from different angles and, depending upon how or what we see, diverse statements can be made.”



(excerpt from the catalogue essay ‘HASHIYA: Margin/Border/Comment’ by BN Goswamy)