Living Off the Grid

Group Exhibition


Abhishek Hazra, Atul Bhalla, Baiju Parthan, Baptist Coelho, Gautam Bhatia, Justin Ponmany, Manisha Parekh,, Natraj Sharma, Prajakta Potnis, RAQS Media Collective,Rashid Rana, Rohini Devasher, Sheila Makhijani, Sonia Khurana, Susanta Mondal

 Anant Art Gallery, 2009

Catalogue Essay: Meera Menezes


The title of the show “Living of the Grid” is as multilayered and ambivalent as its content. Does it indicate sustenance as seen in the work of several artists or an abstinence – a New Age way of reducing one’s dependence on the electric grid as demonstrated by Susanta Mandal’s work in the show?

The artists in this show have also grappled with the dialectics posed by the grid – does it serve as a stabilizing tool or instead alienated people by controlling and limiting their perceptions? “Thus ability to order and create the world, it also generates an anxiety about the potential of rational constructions to alienate individuals from their individuality”


(excerpt from the catalogue essay ‘Living Off The Grid‘ by Meera Menezes)