Middleagespread Imaging India 1947-2004



Henri Cartier-Breesson, RD Chopra, S Paul, Kishor Parekh, Raghu Rai, Ram Rahman, Sheba Chhachhi, Dayanita Singh, Rajesh Vora, Ketaki Sheth, Swapan Parekh

Anant Art Gallery, 2004

Catalogue Essay and Curation: Gayatri Sinha


As the title middleagespread suggests, the exhibition visualizes the spread of the aging body politic of India. As the notion enters its 57th year, the manner in which it has been envisioned is contained in on ever growing corpus of photographic images. The curatorial intention in this exhibition is to present essentially personalized views of the passage of time end space in Indian life, through brief photo essays. It is not on attempt to document post independence Indian history, nor indeed to document the history of Indian photography. In choosing the black end white medium there is a desire to maintain a certain visual integrity. It is also a tribute to the medium of photography which is being increasingly redefined by digitization. The exhibition covers in its scope different genres from photojournalism and news oriented images, to candid shots and portraits, to constructed photographs.


(excerpt from the catalogue essay by Gayatri Sinha)