Re-visiting the urban




Birender Yadav, Digbijayee Khatua, Ravi Kumar Chunchula and Sajeev Visweswaran

Anant Art Gallery, 2018

Catalogue Essay: Anant Art


The artists part of this exhibition engage in a similar fashion with the rhetorics of the city. Their works come across as excerpts from their diaries, brimming with intimate observations and investigation of the cities they have dwelled in or visited. All four artists share the histories of migration to urban capitals where they end up questioning the temporality of their own identities.  While some works postulate socio-political interpretations, others are candid narratives of their personal struggles adjusting to the everyday absurdities and anxieties which characterize contemporary societies. By bridging the seen with the unseen aspects of our cities, their works help us reunderstand, refamiliarize and, in a way, revisit our urban habitation.