S. Harsha Vardhana

Anant Art Gallery, 2007

Catalogue essay: Prayag Shukla


Harsha seems to be charting a new course in these recent works significantly by painting the very creative process, as it were, and doing so more freely, and by denoting the concurrent modes and thoughts through the surging lines and through the certain colour patches and stripes in  various  hues. The yellows, the greens, the greys, the browns and the purples used sparsely or prominently are most evocative in their appearance per say.The sheer visual treat offered by Harsha  in these intently done works is endearing; and keeps us engaged in coding and decoding of the lines and colours in our own way. These works seem to be against interpretation, but not against the pursuit by which one follows one's own diktats to move one's eye and mind to the direction one wants to take in a journey.


(excerpt from the catalogue essay ‘THE FORM, TRANSFORMED’ by Prayag Shukla)