The thin line

Amritah Sen



Anant Art Gallery, 2007 (March)

Catalogue Essay: Latika Gupta

24 pages


The human being inhabits many universes. In Amritah’s paintings, the ‘here and now’, the immediacy of the present, of earthly geographies, is as real as the mythic and the imagined worlds. Amritah seamlessly bounds between spaces- between air, water and earth-creating liminal realms overflowing with life. However, this pulsating life is also contained, quite literally, in bottles, jars and cages. Limits and boundaries, albeit self -created ones, are laid down, isolating and segregating. However, as Amritah’s fables illustrate, this is but a thin line that can be rendered void by a single leap.


(excerpt from the catalogue essay titled ‘The Thin Line’ by Latika Gupta)