Building Beginnings



An exhibition of works by Malavika Rajnarayan 

Anant Art Gallery, 2008

Catalogue essay: Malavika Rajnarayan


My ideas develop from a multitude of things which becomes impacted upon by circumstances around me, and it is my writings that are drastic in nature which articulate my responses in a more immediate manner, which I can then reflect upon in my studio. The relationship between art and my writing is not overt, though each feeds the other in subtle ways, remaining independent of one another at the same time. Building Beginnings is conceived through the mediation of refining the seminal inceptions of both learning from the discipline of an art school training, as well as making departures from these very precincts of established modules of learning. Ideas and personal language conjoin, and philosophies are introduced through mentored worlds from which I attempt to create new meanings.


(excerpt from the catalogue essay by Malavika Rajnarayan)