Group Exhibition


Ranbir Kaleka, B.V. Suresh, Tallur L.N., Kaushik Mukkhopadhyay, , Susanta Mondal, Kabir Mohanty, Ayisha Abrahim, Navin Thomas, Baiju Parthan, Abhishek Hazra, Yashah Shetty, Navjot Altaf, Vivan Sundaram, Smita Cariappa

Anant Art Gallery, 2008

Catalogue Essay: Marta Jakimowicz


Some works carrying the memory of the artists’ earlier engagement with painting and sculpture translate it onto independent forms that blend and transpose camera work with painterly properties or sculptural effects. Some other pieces base on ready objects and simple mechanisms, other yet on video and the capabilities of the computer. While most of the contributions can be seen as sculptural installations with painting, film and video elements, more often than not, a number of sources of reference and of technological means become interwoven at once. They openly admit the role and look of the technologies and mechanisms used as an integral part of the aesthetic impact and the content, or at least carry traces of such mechanisms in the acting, so proclaiming their immersion in our reality, their shaping it and being shaped by it. Again mirroring life, other works recreate-interpret dynamic situations of human interactions stimulating the viewer to actively participate. Finally, performance proper and an indirect suggestion of performance come with the quality of live presence of the artist as an animated-thinking-expressing person.


(excerpt from the catalogue essay ‘Live Pulse’ by Marta Jakimowicz)