Bushra Waqas Khan

Bushra graduated as a printmaker from National College of Arts (2008) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. In her practice she incorporates the design of a state document or an Affidavit, cut out of textiles to create unique garment miniatures. Pushing the boundaries of sanctity of the oath paper that determines ownership and is often passed on as heirloom, she manipulates patterns and employs them in a repetitive manner to design elaborate and ostentatious dresses which adorn dwarfed mannequins. The patterns can be imagined to continue beyond the boundaries of the frame. Having worked with textile students makes her practice an unusual marriage of textile art and printmaking.

Bushra has taught drawing at the Institute of Fashion and Design from 2012-14, and was visiting faculty for printmaking and drawing at the Multan College of Arts, Bahauddin Zikriya University from 2010-11. She was shortlisted for the Victoria and Albert Museum, Jameel Prize and recently won the ADA award in Fashion Design. Her solo show, The Red Carpet, was held  at Khaas Contemporary in 2021. Her other participations include Wearable Variable, Canvas Gallery (2020); Microcosm 3, AAN Gandhara-Art Space (2019); Box Print, Zahoor Ul Akhlaq Gallery (2018); and Box Print, AAN Gandhara-Art Space (2017).