REHANG: Curated by Uthra Rajgopal

21 - 31 October 2021

An exhibition of South Asian contemporary textile art

Textiles in contemporary art speak a powerful language. From a single thread to whole lengths of cloth, they transmit an aura which goes beyond words. And across South Asia, the magical qualities of thread have been known for thousands of years.

In this exhibition, we encounter a journey of materials which are profoundly familiar to us, yet they have been reconstructed into extraordinary works of art. From delicate cotton yarns to velvet and silk, beads and even strands of hair have been stitched, woven, collaged or digitally manipulated into sculptures, furniture, war rugs, installations and photographs. Each artist in this exhibition has been carefully chosen as their work conveys complex notions of identity, the body, politics, gender and sexuality. All these artists reference our place in this fragile world by evoking memories of those who are not seen or heard. Collectively, by bringing them together in this exhibition, they demand our unequivocal attention, challenging us to break with conventions and embrace a new wave of South Asian contemporary textile art.