Dhara Mehrotra

Dhara Mehrotra [b. 1979, Bengaluru] completed her Bachelor's and Master's in Fine Arts from College of Art, Delhi [2001, 2005]. She has been a recipient of awards throughout her Bachelor's degree, and Swapan Biswas award for academic excellence. Dhara has participated in various group shows and installation projects  including, Spiralling into the Absurd, Anant Art Gallery, Bikaner House, New Delhi [2021]; All in a Day's Work, Aicon gallery, New York [2020]; Gossamer, Five Million Incidents, Goethe-Institut at Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi & Kolkata in collaboration with Raqs Media Collective [2019]; Through Clusters and Networks(Artist-in-residence) NCBS-TIFR museum, Bengaluru [2018]; Forms Of Devotion, Museum of Sacred Art  (MOSA), Madrid, Spain [2016, 2015]; Collateral exhibition by Tangerine Art Space, at Hallegua Hall, Jew Town, Fort Kochi, Kochi , Kerala [2012], amongst others.


Dhara received The Junior Fellowship Award from the Ministry of Culture, The Government of India, in Visual Art (Painting) in 2007, and the TIFR (NCBS) Research Fellowship 2017-18, Bengaluru.