Dhara Mehrotra

Her works explore the microscopic forms that exist on this planet and celebrate organised patterns- from plants and living organisms to the human social order. Particularly inspired by mycelium, the vegetative part of fungi, her works reflect upon the form, fabric, structure and topology of these fine, thread-like networks that inform and impact the macro-world that human beings are more likely to see.


..of warps and wefts, recent works by Dhara Mehrotra, iterate a collision of science and art to explore a universe of possibilities, truths, and nature. Research studies indicate that one spoon of soil carries more living organisms than the entire human population on this planet. Dhara, intrigued and informed by facts like these, observes the invisible underground networks of micro-organisms performing through a microscope. She translates the systematic transmutations and modifications of patterns into visuals outside of the perceived and prevalent notions of existence. The works range across media- canvas and acrylic, paper and ink, with tactile layers of fiber, wherein each entity forms a web of stories, poetry and movement.


Embedded in the fabric of contemporary politics, these elements represent fragile threads that often miss the eye, but inform our thought processes, activities and reactions. The gossamer of relationships in these clusters hint at the prevalent ambiguity that connects us all. Mycelium networks that sustain the natural vegetation on this planet, highlight the easily forgotten micro-world capable of self-organisation, debunking the idea that human beings remain at the behest of all structural activities.